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Vancouver Persian Wedding Sofreh

Persian Wedding Ceremony (Aroosi)

The Persian wedding ceremony take place around the Sofreh Aghd, a beautiful spread decorated with symbolic items. The Persian ceremony dates back to ancient Zoroastrian times. The bride and groom are seated in low chairs, signifying their humility and closeness to earth. Above the couple’s heads, two happily married female relatives hold a white cloth. Two sugar cones (Kaleh ghand) are ground onto the cloth, representing sweetness and joy poured into their lives. Another relative sews both ends of the white cloth, to symbolize the permanent bond between the bride and groom.

All of our Elegant Sofreh Aghd are hand crafted and customized based on your wedding theme. Although the Sofreh Aghd is traditional, we make sure to create a Sofreh that’s beyond your taste, style, and imagination. There are so many different color schemes, styles and sizes for you to choose from.
With more than 20 years of experience in arranging Sofreh Aghd , our Sofreh designer Mehrshid is an expert in fulfilling your dreams, and work with you to make your dream Sofreh Aghd come true. We cater to all budgets, from a small to an extravagant and everything in between. Beside Sofreh,we offer “The Wedding Table” decor for Bahai , Zoroastrians , Afghani & Iraqi weddings.

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Our Sofrehs - Vancouver’s Most Elegant Persian Wedding Sofreh